Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Painting Stripes

When I wanted to paint purple stripes in my daughters rooms I hit up the internet to try and find out as much information as I could about how to do it successfully.

Well there is a wealth of information out there, and it was a little bit overwhelming. So I thought today I would show you how I did it.

Well actually I say "I" but to give credit where it is due it was more of a "we" project that my Mum helped me with.

First things first, the colours that I eventually decided on for the room was British Paints Gracious and British Paints Crystal Dash. We did three rooms of the purple and then left one feature wall for the stripes.

First you need to start with the lighter of the two colours and do two coats, being sure to leave the second coat to dry properly overnight.

Then you tape! This was the most time consuming step as it took a lot of figuring out, measuring, arguing, calculating, marking, arguing, remeasuring, recalculating, remarking, arguing ... haha.

Anyway we finally worked out the stripes evenly across the wall, marked the top, middle and bottom of the wall and ran the tape along them. Believe me it makes you eyes go all sorts of weird after you have stared at it for too long. And note that the stripes will not look even on the wall because you have to tape on the outside of the line.

This next step was the best tip I found during my research, and that is to paint a strip of the original colour down the side of the tape the stripe will be on and let it dry. The logic behind this is that if any paint is going to seep through the tape, it will the same colour as the existing painted wall. So it essentially acts as a barrier between the first colour and the second colour.

So here is my wonderful Mum painting the barrier along the tape.

Then I did the cutting in along the ceiling and door frame.

Then with fingers crossed we started painting the stripes. Here it is with two coats of the purple ready for the final reveal.

 I was just itching to pull that tape away and have a look.

You might be able to see that on some of the lighter stripes the painters tape actually took away some of the paint with it (the bottom left of the picture). This was because the original wall was painted a hideous metallic silver and the new paint didn't stick too well to it. But we waited for it to dry overnight then went back and taped and fixed it.

And here it is our beautifully striped wall.