Monday, 27 February 2017

Grocery Shopping on a BUDGET - How you can be saving $$$ on your grocery bill

I switched over to grocery shopping online about 3 months ago now and I haven’t looked back. I love how simple it is and I love how much money we have saved.
This is why I love it:

You are able to do your grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home, which means you can check instantly whether you are running low of something and need to buy more
Creating an account allows you to work on any computer, laptop, tablet or phone and sync your shopping cart – Start your shopping on your phone while you are waiting for school to let out and finish it later that night on the laptop once the kids are in bed – have your partner add things into the cart from his computer at work.

You can link your Flybuys card (if you don’t have one you should get one! You save and earn back money just by signing up and using your card) which means you’ll never forget to use it.

You can easily check the Flybuys offers as you go so you don't miss out on any.

If you choose the right delivery times you can get it delivered for free.

Ok so let me get into a bit more detail now of how you could be saving money on your groceries by doing it online.

The first things you need to do is create an account using Coles Online and sign up to Flybuys.

Now onto ways to save money on your groceries…

Create a meal plan so that you know what meals you are having over the course of the week. Then create a shopping list with everything you will need to make those meals. This will eliminate you having to go to the shopping throughout the week to pick up things for dinner. This stops you from going to buy mince and coming out with $60 worth of groceries you didn’t need (mainly bought because you were hungry!). I'll link a copy of my monthly meal plan below you can use to create your own.

Check the “Specials” sections of the Coles website, and more specifically the “½ Price” section. You will be able to buy most of your laundry, toilet, bathroom, cleaning products, makeup etc. for ½ price if you buy them when they are on special and not where you have run out.
Use the “Sorted by” in the top right corner to sort what you are buying by either what’s on special that week or by unit price.

Always check the unit price of the item you are buying. Just because a certain brand is on special it doesn’t mean that it’s the cheapest price available for that item.

Choose the cheapest delivery time, or if you can use the free times. To get free delivery choose one of the 8hr time blocks and spend over $150. They offer these times (6am - 2pm or 2pm - 10pm) Monday to Saturday and just the early one on a Sunday. Don't be deterred because of the 8hrs. You will get an email from Coles the night before your delivery is due and they will tell you the estimated hour they will arrive. It is meant as a guide but they have always been spot on for us. It means that you can chose the 8hr time block and you don't have to stay at home for the whole 8hrs, just around the time they estimate they will arrive.

Log into you Flybuys online account and activate all the offers.

Look through the offers to see if you need or buy the items that have bonus points.
Flybuys points can be used to purchase items off their website as well as gift vouchers. When purchasing from one of the available gift cards 10,000pts will get you $50. So for every 1000pt = $5. Keep this in mind if there is an offer for 250 bonus points it equals $1.25.

In general, go for the Coles home brand items. Items like flour, sugar, pasta, even nappies, wipes, yoghurt and ice cream. You will find that after Coles completely revamped their Coles brand at the end of 2016 the quality now rivals that of the most well-known brands. Also, is the case a lot of the time, that Coles have contracts with the same manufacturers as the bigger brands to produces items with their label on it.

Ask yourself why you are buying the popular brands. Is it purely for the look of it. Do you buy Kellogg’s Cornflakes because the box looks nicer? Did you know that the ingredients in the Coles brand is exactly the same and it's 19c cheaper for every 100g. Not only that but (now don't quote me on this one because I'm not 100% sure what the product was but I think it was Rice Bubbles  and the Coles brand one actually had less sugar in it.


Another things if you have seen my video showing my Pantry Organisation or my Bulk Pantry Organisation you’ll see that about 80% of the food products that come into my house do not stay in their original packaging. So who is even going to know whether the brown sugar in my ‘brown sugar’ container is home brand or CSR?

Have a look at the difference in unit price for the Self Raising Flour.
It is $2.72 more per kilo for the brand name.
If you are still unsure whether you want to switch to online shopping try it out for a few weeks and see how you like it. Then you can make the decision if you this it is worth it or not.

I hope this has helped you to see where you could be saving a little bit of money on your groceries each week.

Thanks so much for stopping by…