Thursday, 9 March 2017

Australian Costco Haul and Coles Price Comparison

Hey everyone,

So I live in South Australia, about 45-50mins away from the one and only Costco. But never the less we drive out there probably about every 6 weeks to stock up on some of our favourite bulk items. 

If you have read my post about my first aid kit, you will know how I don't like to not have something that I need. Being a Mum of four young kids it isn't easy to just pop into the shop to get something, so I like to prepare myself so I don't run out.

I headed to Costco the other day with my Mum and today I'm sharing with you on my YouTube Channel what I bought and also comparing it to prices at Coles Supermarket.

It's not always going to be cheaper at Costco so here are a few of my top tips before you go:

  • Figure out if you have room to store bulk foods ... eg do you have a large or second upright/chest freezer you can load up?
  • Know your supermarket prices. A good idea is to look up certain items using supermarkets website while your there, however it is also important to know how low items go down to when they are on special. As an example Coles sell Heinz Baked Beans for $2.31 everyday, on special I have seen them go as low as .92c but on average the special will be 2 for $2. Costco sell them for .84c a can all the time.
  • Decide what you will do with the amount you buy and if it has a use-by-date.
  • Be prepared to spend more than you think. Going to Costco isn't like going to a supermarket. You are not paying for one item you are buying 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 .... of something so you are going to have to outlay more money, but it should save you money at the grocery shop.
Right so if you want to see what I bought check out my video below and down below I will just list all the price comparisons for what I bought.

Hot Cross Buns
Costco - $8.99 for 24 = 37c each
Coles - $3.50 for 6 = 58c each

Costco - $14.99

BBQ Chicken
Costco - $5.98
Coles - $8

Hotdog Buns
Costco - $8.99 for 4pk = $2.25
Coles - $2.50pk

Veggie Sticks
Costco - $7.59 for 550g = $1.38 per/100g
Coles (closest match Kiddylicious Veggie Straws) - $1.35 for 12g = $11.25 per/100g

Baking Soda
Costco (Arm & Hammer) - $10.99 for 6.12kg = 0.17c per/100g
Coles (Coles brand) - $1.80 for 500g = 0.366c per/100g

Fruit Straps
Costco (Annie's) - $14.49 for 24 = 60c each
Coles (Fruitwise) - $6.70 for 10 = 67c each

Laundry Booster
Costco - $26.99

Dole Pineapple Slices
Costco (567g can) - $8.49 for 6 = $1.415 per can - $2.49 per/kilo
Coles (432g can) - $1.99 = 4.61 per/kilo

Leggos Pasta Sauce
Costco - $9.99 for 6 cans = $1.665 per/can
Coles - $3.15 per/can

Chicken Breast
Costco - $17.59 for 1.5kg = $11.726 per/kilo
Coles (Steggles Chicken Tenders) - $8.47 for 385g = $22 per/kilo