Friday, 3 March 2017

What's Inside My Nappy Bag - SoYoung Charlie Diaper Bag Review

Hey everyone,

Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about my nappy bag and show you what I keep inside it and how I keep it organised.

So for starters I have the So Young Charlie bag in Slate. Here is the website ... here is the website for the shop that I bought it from here in Australia, and you can also buy from SoYoung through Amazon.

I've had a number of nappy bags through my four kids and this one has been my favourite. What I love about it is ...
- The straps are really sturdy and robust. I literally throw this this around and have had no problems with any stitching coming away.
- The canvas material that the bag is made of, paired with the laminated inner, makes this bag really easy to clean ... and keep clean
- It is a very unisex looking bag. The grey is great but it's the shape of the bag and the design that makes it really look unisex.
- There are so many pockets so you can section everything away
- The bag is HUGE without really looking that big. I have so much stuff packed into this bag.
- But my favourite feature is the way that the bag sits. I have had a few bags in the past which have been really floppy and don't keep their shape. It means that when you put the bag down the contents ends up spilling all over the place.

As you can see it can fit a lot of stuff. I don't like to be caught out without something so I tend to pack for the end of the world!!!

Here is what I keep in each of the pockets.

In the first side pocket (the insulated one), I keep snacks, formula, containers, spoons, bibs, a colouring book and some pencils.

In the middle pocket I keep nappies (my baby's, my toddler's and some swimming ones), wipes, nappy bags, hand sanitiser, a changing pad, spare clothes, blankets, a trolley strap cover and some toys.

If you look inside the bag you can see the transparent sleeves on the sides where I keep the nappies.

In the other large outer pocket I keep my planner, a pen, my purse, breast pads, lollipops and my daughters spare soft bunny comforter. There is also room in this pocket for sunglasses, coins, credit cards etc.

In the little pocket at the front I keep a mini first aid kit containing infant panadol as well as children's panadol, teething gel, nappy rash cream, paw paw cream and band aids.

Also in the bag in the side pockets is a spare bottle and a drink bottle.

I have also made a video of this so if you are interested watch down below or check out my channel Labelling Chaos.