Sunday, 16 April 2017

Tutorial - Easter Bunny Footprint Template


Well it's just about to tick over to Easter Sunday here so I've been busy hiding Easter Eggs around the garden ready for the kiddies to find in the morning.

Easter is my second favourite holiday behind Christmas. I mean what is not to love when you get to spend the whole day, and make days afterwards, eating delicious chocolate eggs.

Ever since my kids were little when the Easter Bunny visits our house on Easter Sunday to hide the eggs he leaves little footprints all over our garden.

I absolutely love seeing the look of wonder and delight on my kids faces as they wake up on Easter morning, anxiously looking outside to see whether the Easter Bunny has been. It truly makes my day.

I've been having a few requests lately for me to do a video about how I make my vinyl labels, and while I haven't quite got to that one, I thought that I'd make a quick video tonight showing how I make a template using the same Silhouette Studio software I use to make my labels.

So here is the video, I know it's not the best quality and it's a bit rushed, but I really wanted to just show you how quick and easy it is to add a little more magic to you kiddies lives.