Monday, 5 June 2017

ORGANISE - Linen Closet Clean Out

Today I'm tackling my linen closet! It has pretty much been a "just throw it in there" sort of cupboard since we install the PAX system about 4 years ago, so to say it needed some TLC was an understatement. 

My first steps of the reorganise was to pull everything out. And I mean everything. Seriously, I was so shock at how much came out of this one little cupboard.

I found...

13 Hand Towels
6 Blankets
13 Wraps
14 Tea Towels
10 Face Washers
6 Towels
6 Quilt Sets
3 Bed Sheets
1 Bassinet Sheets
4 Cot Sheets
Various Pillow Cases (which had no matching bed set :/)
1 Cot Protector
1 Mattress Protector
1 Teddy
1 Library Bag
Various Papers
Car Seat Extensions
Mobile Phone Parts

The configuration of our Ikea PAX system is a 37cm deep cupboard, with a 50cm section on either end of two 100cm sections. In the past I have showed you my first cupboard which is home to my First Aid Kit, my second cupboard (the double) which is home to my Second Pantry, I am yet to show you the third (another double) which is where we keep all our craft and office supplies (the reason being it is also in need of some love and attention), but today I'm showing you the last cupboard in the line, the linen closet.

 After I had taken everything out and done a little inventory. I went ahead and culled a lot of stuff and put it in a donate pile. I just didn't feel like there was ever a time that I would need to have 14 tea towels!!!!

Then I found an empty container to store all my full sets of bedding. The quilt cover, the fitted/flat sheet and the matching pillow cases. This box is going to live in a new home in the top of a bedroom robe. 

Don't forget the label...

Once the space was cleared out I was able to allocate drawers and create some labels so that everything stays organised and everyone knows where everything lives.

I have also made a video of this so if you are interested watch down below or check out my channel Labelling Chaos.