Friday, 9 June 2017

Quick Tips .... Pancakes for a crowd

Is it just me, or do others find that when you make pancakes for breakfast for the family you never actually get to eat any yourself???

I stand in the kitchen making pancake after pancake, servicing demanding children as if I was the head chef in a Michelin Star restaurant.

Well those days for me are a thing of the past since I discovered a few helpful tips that now means I even get to eat (at least some) of the pancakes.

If you're interest in an amazing pancake recipe check out my previous post.

Tip #1
Forget about making 100 little bite sized pancakes for your little pikelets. I make the biggest pancake that will fit in my frying pan. And I actually use two pans at once. They are going to get cut up anyway, so I feel like I may as well use each cm of my pan.

Tip #2
Use a pizza cutter to quickly cut up your pancakes into bite sized pieces. It makes it so much easier for little ones to eat and so much less messy. The pizza cutter glides across the pancakes as it would a pizza so it is so fast to slice them up.

Tip #3
Pancakes freeze really well. Somedays, when I'm not particularly rushed for time, I will make up a double batch of pancake batter. Then I will make heaps of my giant pancakes, cut them up, and divide them into snaplock bags. Then if someone requests pancakes during the week (or more likely I've run out of milk and bread) I can pull out some frozen bags, heat them up for a minute in the microwave and voila ... your pancakes are served.

Another use for freezer pancakes if for lunchboxes. Before freezing I spread some peanut butter, nutella, butter, vegemite, or jam on my giant pancakes, sandwich two together, and then slice them into 'pizza slices'. Then into the freezer to be used in lunchboxes when needed. They defrost like they have just been cooked.